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After several years of excessive  world-wide traveling, four successful careers in publishing, teaching, communication and technical writing, a lifetime of experiences in raising and educating myself and my children while supporting all of us, living as a single woman after marriage in the USA and Europe, business entrepreneur and international scientific conference organizer, I found myself telling stories for the past 10 years and many telling me to write that story as many would love to hear it.  After I became a Dragon Boat Racer I decided to write my first book, a memoir, entitled "The Dragon Boat Racer".  It is a story about what happened to me in my life that built up a desire to be a member of a Crew (that never happened until) and how I ended up on a Dragon Boat team late in life at the age of 59.

My Community

The Philadelphia Dragon Boat clubs on the Schuykill River  influence my life physically, personally, socially, professionally and intimately.

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